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  1. Crossing prevents fraud and wrong payments. Crossing of a cheque means "Drawing Two Parallel Lines" across the face of the cheque. Thus, crossing is necessary in order to have safety. Crossed cheques must de presented through the bank only because they are not paid at the counter. Different Types of Crossing ↓ 1. General Crossing: .
  2. On a blustery March day in , General George Washington crossed Conanicut Island to meet with the French to plan the final battles of the Revolution. Fortunately for the Republic, there was no brewery on the island to slow his progress. years later, we’re changing that.
  3. General Signals was started in and the company was operated from the owner’s garage until when he sold the company to the present owners. His only products were a limited number of railroad lenses. The company has expanded to include every signal lens used in this industry, the Gate Keeper, the electronic bell, LED crossing lights.
  4. General's Crossing brewhouse taproom brewpub beer bar brewery home brew brew house Jamestown RI. The general's crossing brewhouse M-F Sat-Sun OPEN 4P-8P M-F | 2P-8P Sat & Sun. The General's Crossing Brewhouse.
  5. George Washington was 44 years old at the time of the Delaware River crossing. There were roughly 1, Hessian soldiers in and around Trenton at the start of the battle. Sources: Washington’s Crossing by David Hackett Fischer. Oxford and New York, General George Washington: A Military Life by Edward Lengel. Random House,
  6. In general crossing, the cheque bears across its face an addition of two parallel transverse lines and/or the addition of words ‘and Co.’ or ‘not negotiable’ between them. In the case of general crossing on the cheque, the paying banker will pay money to any banker.
  7. Jethro Tull "General Crossing": It's an old profession of subtle artillery. Rough wheels meshing button out, button in. Th.
  8. General. Change Community Education General Leadership Students Success Stories. Staff & Student interviewed from Fort Wayne campus! General. We get our hands dirty. Art General. What do we do at the Crossing? Art General. You reap what you sow. General. Found the Crossing in the Monticello Herald again! General. Some Fort Wayne coverage.

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