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  1. Ray G. Thunderchild, Actor: Pathfinder. Ray G. Thunderchild is known for his work on Pathfinder (), Altered Carbon () and Blackstone ().Occupation: Actor, Music Department.
  2. Thunderchild: 0 ships destroyed and 2 ships lost. zKillboard has detected that it has been embedded in an iframe. We're ok with this, however, your experience might not be that great.
  3. Tier 2 CV The ThunderChild, born from the wreckage of the ThunderStrike on Pandora. This Teir 2 CV is a ship built around a hangar bay. Big enough carry a few SVs / HVs.
  4. Zero-point of Serenity (Vectors For Colonizing Wormholes) lost their Thunderchild in LZ-6SU (Vale of the Silent). Final Blow by Zyal Oskold (ScumLord Excavation and Evisceration) flying in a Kikimora. Total Value: 1,,, ISK.
  5. The Thunderchild is the EDENCOM battleship. It gets access to a Large Vorton Projector, a special turret that can fire chain lightning at ships.
  6. Thunderchild Energy Services is a First Nation majority-owned energy services company.
  7. Thunderchild Publishing began with the mission of saving vintage science fiction and historical naval fiction from falling into oblivion. Since then, it has grown to include many other genres and contemporary books as well as vintage books.
  8. We are selling our XSV 17 demonstrator 'Thunder Child' She is in 'as new' condition with only hrs on the engines and has been used for demonstration purposes as well as to set a new UIM World speed record circumnavigation of Ireland.
  9. CCP Aurora (C C P) lost their Thunderchild in BWF-ZZ (Geminate). Final Blow by Kira Talis (Pandemic Horde Inc.) flying in a Purifier. Total Value: 2,,, ISK.

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